So Frustrated!

In keeping with Kate’s theme for the day (frustration), I am posting my frustration of the day. Our home computer, which we have had for a little over a year, has been dead since last Wednesday. It is currently un-bootable, and we’ve been using my old computer as a back up (glad I saved it).

So tonight is “save-the-computer” night. I’m not exactly sure what happened (virus, worm, faulty hard-drive, etc), but I have a couple of ideas of how I might salvage the data on the disk, but I might be relying on those who are more technically savy than me (like him or him). Part of me is actually looking forward to this as a learning experience. How sick is that?

Of course, the other part of me is petrified that I’m going to lose a lot of data from the past year. If only I had signed up for Flickr and backed up all my pictures earlier! Dah!!

This Winter’s Crop of Movies

Kate and I used to see lots of movies in the theater. It’s an outing that we really enjoy. Things, however, have changed a bit with the coming of Mr. Simon. First of all, there are the usual wide array of challenges that come with bringing a baby to the movies. Then there’s also the issue that we’re on a tighter budget and don’t really want to spend lots and lots of money at the movies. So, to make a long story short (too late), we’re cutting back.

Having said that, there are LOTS of movies coming out this winter that I want to see. Kate shares my interest in some, but not all, of these movies. At any rate, we’re going to see one of these movies on December 15. But that’s probably the only one that we’ll see in the theater. The movies that I’m interested in include:

So now comes the challenge. Even though we’re reducing the number of movies we see in the theater, we are already planning on seeing one of these movies. Can you guess which one? And why? Use the comments!

Baby Photo of the Day

Whatever it is, it's fascinatingYes, I realize that this subject has become a crutch. It’s all I ever post about anymore. But LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS! I mean really, how can you expect me NOT to want to share this with the world. Anyway, I’ve uploaded more photos to flickr, for those who are interested. I’m still very much considering the upgrade to Flickr Pro. Any day now I’ll take the plunge.

Anyway, I have actually had several non baby-related ideas for blog posts recently, but all of them immediately fly out of my head once I sit down in front of my computer at home. I need to start writing them down. Until then, enjoy the Simon photos.

Flickr – Great Photo Sharing Tool

Cute Boy!I recently added a Flickr badge to the right sidebar. I discovered Flickr, and have found it to be the most user-friendly photo-sharing software on the Web. I’m a big fan of the application.

I’ve been particularly happy with the ability to mark photos as available to the general public, as we have folks who want to see little Simon for whom registering with a Web site is. . .difficult. Even if we didn’t have technically-challenged friends and family, I’m all about applications giving you the ability to customize to your heart’s content. For those who want to keep photos private, you can limit who sees them by indicating that other Flickr users are family or friends.

The ability to share photos is only one of the many features that I like about Flickr. The ability to add tags, comments, and notes (which are different from comments) to photos, as well as easy upload tools, and the ability to order prints online (and pick them up at a local Target, if you so wish!) are all features that draw me to the service.

I’m currently only using the free Flickr offering, but I’m considering upgrading. I want feedback from anybody who is currently a Flickr Pro user. Is it worth the upgrade? It seems like it might be worth it for the increase in bandwidth alone. Oh and for those people who recommended another tool, I looked into it and just wasn’t as happy with the interface.

So check out Flickr when you get a chance, and upload your photos!