Things that are certainly not the cutest thing ever.

Kate has been wondering what this horrible motion that the baby has been doing recently is. In fairness to her, it is repetitive, obnoxious, and makes her feel ill.

Today she figured out (she thinks) that they are hiccups. That is DEFINITELY NOT the cutest thing ever.

But it’s close.

5 thoughts on “Things that are certainly not the cutest thing ever.

  1. “repetitive, obnoxious, and makes her feel ill” …isn’t that a definition of a job?

  2. agreed!

    as for baby hiccups….that sucks that it makes kate feel bad, because we don’t want that, but if it is little baby hiccups…that IS a just a little bit cute 🙂
    (i do love how you set that up!)

  3. Katie, I’ll try to remedy that soon. You’re now the 6th or 7th person to give me that advice.

    You do *NOT* want to work in IT in the same shop as Pat. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  4. I think we got our first hiccups recently too…about a week ago, The Bean was moving around a lot and so I called Samy over to feel her. We were listening to Debussy and I swear to you she was tapping in time to the music! I was so so so impressed with my daughter’s early musical development until Samy said, “Amy, I think she just has the hiccups…”

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