Legg Mason Tennis Fun

Andy Roddick at the Legg Mason Tennis TournamentMy dad had 4 tickets to the first quarterfinal session of the Legg Mason Tennis tournament in Washington DC. Naturally, I couldn’t resist free admission to a sporting event, so I took Friday off and joined him at the facility right next to Rock Creek Park to take in some tennis.

I’ve never seen a real tennis match live before, and DAMN. They hit the ball hard! The first match was between two folks I’d never heard of before, but they were really entertaining. The second match of the day featured Andy Roddick and some fellow named Karlovic. Karlovic was 6-10, and sent absolute bullets over the net on his first serves. Roddick prevailed in the end, though, to the delight of the crowd.

We really enjoyed ourselves, despite the heat, and given the opportunity, I would definitely go back for more tennis fun.

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  1. Tennis is fun to watch.. I caught the women’s final of the Ericsson Open (now the NASDAQ-100 Open) down here a few years ago.

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