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I have been urged over and over (and over) by Amy to use Movable Type as my blogging tool of choice. When my hosting company recently decided to start supporting Perl, this became an option (I think). Ken has recently moved to Moveable Type and has confirmed everything Amy said. You know, sliced bread and all that.

So I’m thinking about tinkering around with it some. The license fee is $70, but that apparently includes any future updates, so I’m thinking that’s not too bad. It also allows for 5 users, so if my lovely wife wanted to use it as well, she could do that. Her site might be due for a redesign soon, anyway.

But before I go and shell out the moolah, Ken is going to temporarily let me use one of his licenses to try it out. There are several key features that I’d like to incorporate. My two big ticket items are:

  • Categorical Posts
  • A Photo Blog (which will eventually lead to the return of the photo albums)

This is in no way an indictment of Blogger or the services they have provided so far. For a free publishing tool, I have been thrilled with what they’ve provided. But Moveable Type has more features that I’m ready to use. So it may take me a year, but eventually you’ll see some changes and improvements here.

3 thoughts on “Tinkering with the Blog

  1. Movable Type is also free, but you are limited to one blogger. That would preclude Kate from having a blog of her own 🙂

  2. Personal Edition is one license and no tech support. Technical support from MoveableType has been awesome, especially when it came to file permissions and plugin scripting. I’ve sent emails back and forth with them and done two webchats, the company is incredibly responsive (they’re committed to web publishing).

    I’d recommend the “Basic Personal” for $69 to get 5 authors and unlimited weblogs. I’m running MT 3.17 now on http://www.innospyre.com and I’ll upgrade to 3.2 once I hear it’s been finalized rather than Beta even though I can download 3.2b now.

    Moveable Type really is the Cadillac of web publishing. The number of templates, plugins, and features is insane. :

    http://www.innospyre.com/v3.0/ is my personal site, while http://www.innospyre.com is my dedicated server with 2 authors still open (Ken, Vicky, Pat are my 3 authors right now).

    I’d recommend Basic Personal for the 5 authors and unlimited blogs… or Unlimited Personal for $30 more if you want to go nuts with blogs and authors 😀

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