Damn Ticks!

So there’s been a reason I haven’t posted since I was in Blacksburg. Apparently while I was down there, I got bitten by a tick of some sort, and didn’t know it. He latched on, dropped off a wonderful little bug, and then hopped off. I thought it was a mosquito bite.

But no! Last Sunday my hands broke out in beautiful red bumps (which eventually spread up my arms a bit and around my knees and elbows), and I had a lovely fever and aches and pains. A trip on Monday to the doctor (and subsequent follow-ups on Tuesday and Wednesday) revealed the probable tick-disease. It’s not Lyme, and it’s not Ehrlichiosis, and the jury is still out on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (tests haven’t come back yet). But it’s definitely something tick-borne. I’m on antibiotics now, and everything is mostly back to normal.

I’ve never seen my doctor so interested in a disease. He said there was even a possibility that I had more than one rare tick-borne nastiness. He said “Then you’ll definitely see your name in the paper”. Yay.

Can’t I just stay anonymous and healthy?

5 thoughts on “Damn Ticks!

  1. I definitely don’t hold it against you! And I don’t blame Rex! The doc just thought that hanging out with a dog from Tennessee introduced a whole host of other things that it could be (he seemed kind of relieved – I think he was getting stumped). 🙂

  2. Please! I’m not scared that easily!

    And Kev – that was truly terrible. 🙂

  3. I’ll have you know, it was NOT Rex’s fault. I SWEAR!!! I still blame my father-in-law’s house for the tick. I’M SORRY!!! PLEASE DON’T HOLD IT AGAINST ME!!! 😉

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