More Biking and Building

I’ve been meaning to post an update about my sister’s bike trip across the country for a couple of weeks now. I’m finally getting around to it. According to the schedule on Bike and Build’s site, Erin’s group just finished up their blitz-build in Colorado Springs, and are headed out today for Buena Vista, Colorado. Today’s trip is a measly 80 miles.

The real reason for this post is to send you to Bike and Build’s site so you can look at photo’s from Erin’s trip. Hers is the Southern U.S. trip, but I believe I can link you directly to their albums. Erin’s digital camera seems to be serving her well, and there are quite a few pictures taken by her, and of her, in the albums. I’ve ripped a few of the more. . . interesting. . . pictures off that site and thrown them in this post, for fun. Hee.

Again, how much fun does this look like?!?! Well, here are some more pictures, just for the heck of it. These are just some of the ones of Erin, but there are lots of other fun pictures on the Bike and Build site.

The Surprise of the Century!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the surprise of the century, but she was certainly surprised! If you’ve read her blog, you know that Kate’s friends threw a surprise baby shower for her this past weekend. For all of you who have mentioned to me how tough it was to keep the secret in your interactions with Kate, I just have to say this: TRY LIVING WITH HER, AND THEN YOU CAN COMPLAIN.

There were SO MANY times that I *almost* slipped up and said something. So many close calls, so many words that changed from the time my brain thought them to the time they came out of my mouth. So many surreptitious email checkings. LOTS of sneaky IM and phone conversations. Surprise parties are difficult to keep a secret, especially if you’re in the know and living with the person, particularly if that person is as sharp as Kate.

From everything I’ve heard, the shower was a tremendous success, and Kristin and Jill (Kate’s long-time roommates from college) did a FANTASTIC job with everything. Kate’s smiling face above is a testament to that. Apparently there was good food, great conversation (these are OUR friends and family that we’re talking about, after all), cute games, lots of gifts, and of course, cake! They also had everybody sign up for a pool to guess the baby’s weight. You’ll notice that both me and her grandfather are listed multiple times! Incidentally, you can also guess the statistics for my friend Amy’s baby.

Okay, this has got the be the longest post ever about a party the author didn’t attend. But I simply can’t end the post without mentioning the cute sports onesies that Kristin and Jill had hanging over the couch. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t have been heartbroken if they had left a certain one out, but 4 out of 5 aint bad! 😉

Damn Ticks!

So there’s been a reason I haven’t posted since I was in Blacksburg. Apparently while I was down there, I got bitten by a tick of some sort, and didn’t know it. He latched on, dropped off a wonderful little bug, and then hopped off. I thought it was a mosquito bite.

But no! Last Sunday my hands broke out in beautiful red bumps (which eventually spread up my arms a bit and around my knees and elbows), and I had a lovely fever and aches and pains. A trip on Monday to the doctor (and subsequent follow-ups on Tuesday and Wednesday) revealed the probable tick-disease. It’s not Lyme, and it’s not Ehrlichiosis, and the jury is still out on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (tests haven’t come back yet). But it’s definitely something tick-borne. I’m on antibiotics now, and everything is mostly back to normal.

I’ve never seen my doctor so interested in a disease. He said there was even a possibility that I had more than one rare tick-borne nastiness. He said “Then you’ll definitely see your name in the paper”. Yay.

Can’t I just stay anonymous and healthy?

A Weekend in the ‘Burg

This past weekend Kate and I took our summer vacation. By “vacation” I mean “two days of non-stop eating and hanging out with good friends”. We traveled the four hours down I-81 to Blacksburg, VA, home of the Virginia Tech Hokies. We are both alumni. Wow that word sounds old. Alumni.

Of course, I can’t visit my alma mater (again with the old-sounding words!) without stopping by Lane Stadium to see how the construction is progressing. As you can see from the photo above, the new addition is really going to change the face of the stadium. Kate is concerned that they might not put “Home of the Fighting Gobblers” back on the outside once they’re finished.

While Kate was taking a nap, I took the opportunity to visit campus book stores and laugh at the outrageous prices, tour around campus and the surrounding area to see what all has changed (lots!), and of course do a drive by of my old apartment. Yeah, I’m overly sentimental sometimes.

We spent a good amount of time walking around campus, eating good food (there is an unexpectedly good amount of food in Blacksburg), and hanging out with Carrie, her husband Brian, and their rambunctious dog, Rex. Now, I certainly don’t want to give Carrie and Brian short shrift, but Rex might just give Casey a run for CUTEST DOG EVER.

In an effort to sway the voters on this important issue, I would like to present you with Exhibit A (below). Tell me, can you really in good conscience vote for a dog that would let another dog sniff him here? Could you? I didn’t think so.

So thanks to Carrie, Brian, and Rex for a fun weekend in Blacksburg. Maybe we should make it a semi-regular event!