Nationals Beat Braves, and I was There!

Two posts in one day! I’m on a roll. Or. . . something. I went to my first Washington Nationals game last night, and it was a blast. The worst part about it was the 45 minute-plus ride on the metro to get to and from the game (motion-sickness sucks). But the game itself and the experience was all I could have hoped for. I’m so glad baseball is back in DC.

The Nats lead for most of the game before Atlanta’s four runs in the top of the 8th gave them a 6-3 lead. I was sad to watch a bunch of people get up and leave before the National’s half of the inning. I bet they were even sadder when they heard that the Nats scored 5 runs to eventually win the game 8-6. Ha. Serves them right.

Attendance wasn’t tremendous, but there were enough people to make some noise. I hope the Nationals make the playoffs before they move out of RFK, because that place can get LOUD. Even with the diminished crowd last night, the metal bleachers were swaying with people jumping up and down after the Nationals rally in the 8th. I can’t imagine how nuts that place would be when it’s packed to the gills with people for a playoff game. I only attended a couple of Redskins games at RFK before they moved, but that place was ridiculous when it came to the noise level (Fed Ex can’t hold a candle to it, even with all the extra people they can fit in there).

So yeah. Go Nats.

3 thoughts on “Nationals Beat Braves, and I was There!

  1. don’t feel bad, pat… we live in d.c., and it still takes us 45 minutes to an hour to get home, just because we have to wait to get on the train.

    i recommend weekend day games and a nice, healthy walk to union station or eastern market. i did it on sunday. at least you’d miss a little bit of the motion sickness :).

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