19 Weeks – Sonogram Time!

We’re at 19 weeks, and we went in for a sonogram today. We have decided that we do want to know the sex of the baby, and this was our opportunity to find out.

The people at Washington Radiology Associates were really great, and we got to see all sorts of different angles of the baby. Hands, feet, legs, arms, even a face! Most importantly, everything looked like it was where it was supposed to be and baby looked healthy! I know, I know, you all want to know what sex the baby is. Well I’m not telling! However, we are taking guesses (family – you’re not allowed to spill the beans!), so leave them in the comments. Kate will be conducting the big reveal on her blog at a future date. Possibly tonight. Maybe tomorrow. We haven’t decided how long we want to torture you.

14 thoughts on “19 Weeks – Sonogram Time!

  1. Oh wow!! So cool. It looks like she’s kicking or something. Must have the soccer genes!!! Glad that all is going well with the pregnancy!!!

  2. What do you mean “She’s” kicking?

    I will guess boy! And if you don’t mind me being pushy, I’d like to suggest the name “Patrick”

    We named our first-born Patrick and just love how it sounds. Let the name roll around on your tongue a few times and see if you like it, too. It also goes well with Campbell.

    Peter across the street’s Mom(and Patrick’s, too!)

    P.S. I didn’t think I was old yet but seeing that sonogram makes me say “they didn’t look that clear when I was having babies…”

  3. I think it’s a girl. It might be because I already have a girl specific gift in case it is.

    You better tell. And soon. Or I will come and tickle it out of you!

    Man, what a beautiful picture!

  4. Judging from the track record of Washington Radiology Association (WRA), it’s probably a boy. For some strange reason, 9 out of 10 babies born sonogrammed at WRA turns out to be a boy. Go figure…Where can I collect my prize money for getting it right?

  5. Tim where do you hear these statistics?

    I still say girl.

    But now, just to contradict Tim 🙂

  6. ChristineMarieN: hey–go to pat’s blog at http://www.music-slave.com and guess what they are having 🙂 they won’t post till people guess 🙂

    So first of all, congrats from a very occasional blog stalker!

    And I’m gonna guess boy so he can play for the Hokies. Yes, I know a girl could also play for the Hokies, but unless she’s enormous, she couldn’t play anything I’ll ever watch. So I’m guessing a boy who’ll lose to ND in the National Championship in 2025 but look very good trying. 😉

    God bless!
    Meg H-K

  7. given that i don’t think i want to know the gender of my own hypothetical children, i say go ahead–surprise me! 🙂

  8. I am going to guess Modesto, if only for the reason to contradict Naj, contradicting Tim. Unlike the Naj, I already have boy gifts, AND girl gifts. I just need to know which to wrap :D.

    Modesto or Modesty, not to contradict Christine, that is a beautiful sonogram picture!

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of the two choices. Good to see a little precious baby. I can’t wait to rub the belly. Say, 4th of July weekend?

  10. aw man, now i don’t get to see prego kate on the 4th of july 🙁

  11. Way to go Pat!
    I think it is the year of the boy! My wife, Kelly and I have a boy due on Sept. 5

  12. Wow, congrats Matt! It is definitely the year of the baby. I know at least 8 couples due between July and Nov.

  13. I know what it is — I have a secret inside track. K and I are very excited for you guys :-).

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