National Teacher’s Day

Ken pointed out that I hadn’t mentioned National Teacher’s Day. Apparently because I didn’t mention anything here, I am a rotten husband, will be a terrible father, and am generally a child and teacher-hating fiend. I mean, come on. Even Google recognized the teachers with one of their cool specialized logos. (Side Note: I’m a huge fan of the special logos)

Yes, my wife is a teacher. Yes, she is underappreciated. So I present to you below links for several teachers that I know. Go drop them comments and tell them how much you appreciate them:

Lou Ann

Christine – since there’s no official “Youth Minister’s Day” and she too must work with crazy kids.

4 thoughts on “National Teacher’s Day

  1. Awww. I might not speak nerd, but I speak awesome. Awesome post. Not only because you mentioned me, but also because you love the specialized logos. I heart those big time. Mostly because I never know why they are specialized, like what day it is. Then I click, and find out. And I learn things. Which is always good!

  2. I’d bring in bagels for y’all, but it would be tomorrow when I brought bagels in and tomorrow isn’t “National Teacher’s Day.” We spend enough on education as it is… 😛 (jk)

    Happy National Teacher’s Day!

    (now when’s “National Cubicle Worker Day?”)

  3. Honestly, I had no idea it was National Teacher’s Day until I saw the logo on Google. Certainly no one at school mentioned it. I think they made it up.

  4. Hey! I didn’t even know that it was National Teacher’s Day, either. I mean, our PTA is doing something like “Teacher Appreciation Week”, but I never really know what that’s all about. Interesting! 🙂 Thanks for pointing me out to it.

    By the way … I also love the Google special logos. Especially when they do a series, like they did in December with the snow men. Awesome!! 🙂

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