Google Maps – An Impressive Application

Kevin posted recently about Google Maps. There were services out there before that provided satellite views, but Google’s interface makes it super-easy. In screwing around with the site, I found a couple of really cool pictures. My favorite is the picture of Hoover Dam. So here are some sites of interest.

What other places of interest have people found?

6 thoughts on “Google Maps – An Impressive Application

  1. Yeah, I noticed that, too. Oddly enough, the White House is not obscured. I think Google may have an agenda. . .

  2. I was looking around at buildings in Washington DC. You’ll notice that the capitol building is obscured if you zoom all the way in.

  3. WAY COOL!! That is an awesome site. I could spend WAY too much time playing there! 🙂 I found the house I grew up in !! 😀

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