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This past weekend Kate and I took our summer vacation. By “vacation” I mean “two days of non-stop eating and hanging out with good friends”. We traveled the four hours down I-81 to Blacksburg, VA, home of the Virginia Tech Hokies. We are both alumni. Wow that word sounds old. Alumni.

Of course, I can’t visit my alma mater (again with the old-sounding words!) without stopping by Lane Stadium to see how the construction is progressing. As you can see from the photo above, the new addition is really going to change the face of the stadium. Kate is concerned that they might not put “Home of the Fighting Gobblers” back on the outside once they’re finished.

While Kate was taking a nap, I took the opportunity to visit campus book stores and laugh at the outrageous prices, tour around campus and the surrounding area to see what all has changed (lots!), and of course do a drive by of my old apartment. Yeah, I’m overly sentimental sometimes.

We spent a good amount of time walking around campus, eating good food (there is an unexpectedly good amount of food in Blacksburg), and hanging out with Carrie, her husband Brian, and their rambunctious dog, Rex. Now, I certainly don’t want to give Carrie and Brian short shrift, but Rex might just give Casey a run for CUTEST DOG EVER.

In an effort to sway the voters on this important issue, I would like to present you with Exhibit A (below). Tell me, can you really in good conscience vote for a dog that would let another dog sniff him here? Could you? I didn’t think so.

So thanks to Carrie, Brian, and Rex for a fun weekend in Blacksburg. Maybe we should make it a semi-regular event!