Overheard in my House

I got this secondhand from Kate, so this might not be exactly how it went down. But it’s pretty close. Simon is very interested in Star Wars, and was quizzing Kate about all the good guys and bad guys.

Simon: What about the vampires?
Kate: What vampires?
Simon: The vampire bad-guys in Star Wars.
Kate: There are no vampires in stare wars. What made you think that?
Simon: There’s a Star Wars movie called the Vampire Strikes, right.

Overheard in my House

Several weeks ago, I heard the following conversation happening over our kitchen table between Simon and Mary. I’ll throw it out there with minimal commentary.

Mary: . . . and grandma and grandpa and great-grandma and great-grandpa
Simon: Great-Grandpa died.
Mary: I know.
Mary: When will he be alive again?
Simon: Never.
Mary: Oh. Why?
Simon: That’s just the way it is.

Mary: When will we die?
Simon: Not for a long time.

Mary: Maybe in 7 days?
Simon: No, much longer than that.
Mary: Oh.

And then their eating resumed with barely a pause.

Overheard in my House

So the blog is neglected. Woefully neglected. I owe Murray a “happy graduation” post, and I could write reams and reams about how Simon is “going through a stage” (dear God, don’t let it be permanent!), but instead I will throw out this little exchange that took place in our hotel in Blacksburg over the weekend.

Simon: Mommy, when will I be 60?
Kate:Not for a very long time, Simon.
Simon: <thinks for a moment > – Mommy, I will miss you when I’m 60.

Proof positive that he has a long term plan. . .

Overheard in My House

Pure stream-of-consciousness babbling that had us in stiches over dinner last night:

Simon: Daddy, I love you forever.
Simon (very matter-of-factly): The crane is liftin’ it.
Simon: I like you for always.
Simon: Go Redskins!! Boo Giants!!!

It is POSSIBLE that the Redskins/Giants thing was reversed, because he likes to be contrary to get a reaction. But it is going down in the official record book as above.

Overheard in My House

Yes, it’s time for yet another installment of “Overheard in My House.” Simon is coming up with cuter and cuter things to say. I need to start keeping a notebook handy so I’ll remember more of them. This week’s installment was overheard from our room as Simon and Kate were roughhousing in Mary’s room. Kate apparently helped him (perhaps a bit unexpectedly) do a back roll. Crying ensued.

Kate: Are you okay?
Simon: Noooooo!
Kate: Did you get hurt?
Kate: Okay, what hurts?

Overheard in my House – Simon the Dinosaur

Kate and Simon have started something she calls “Simon School.” She picks a topic each week and they have lessons, in lieu of preschool (he’s not potty trained yet, so we can’t quite send him). This week’s theme was dinosaurs.

I think Simon School has been pretty successful so far. All day today he’s been tromping around the house in great-big Simon steps, roaring, and referring to himself as “The Tyrannosaurus Rex.” I’d post video, but our camera that takes video is in the shop (again). Anyway, it’s really cute.

When he woke up from his nap he came downstairs and told me “the Tyrannosaurus Rex turned into Simon.” And then he was all snugly. Life is good.

Overheard in My House

I had the following conversation with my mother-in-law earlier this week.

Mom: Oh the Yankees are just terrible. Our starting pitching is awful and we can’t win at all.
Me: Welcome to being a Washington Nationals Fan.
Mom: We can’t drive in runs when we have two or three players on base!
Me: Welcome to being a Baltimore Orioles Fan.
Mom: Yeah, but we pay these players enormous salaries and they can’t score at all!
Me: Welcome to being a Washington Redskins Fan!