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he didn’t notice me taking this . . . SHH!

Mary again! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! And also many merry birthday wishes to my Grandmother ☘. Today was a fun day in the Campbell household, we started out with a prayer podcast, then moved onto breakfast and academics. Jimmy did more Lego math, Jimmy, Lucy, and Mommy did a science experiment, Simon worked further on his Led Zeppelin project, and I did both History and Science assignments.

Isn’t this a beautiful flower?

We went on a bike ride to the woods near us where there is a short family-friendly bike trail. After that Jimmy, Lucy and Mommy went on a walk to deliver Lucy’s notes to her friends’ mailboxes. Lucy, Jimmy, Mommy, and I began Campbell Family Theater with the show of the week: “Pigs Make Me Sneeze!”, based on the Elephant and Piggie book, By Mo Willems. We printed out a script that my mom made years ago for some almost forgotten event. We are all having fun putting together this short show. Watch out for a video of the final production!

Happy Birthday!

 We Skyped with my Grandmother to wish her happy birthday, and had a blast catching up with her and my Grandfather. I made wonderful mochi that tastes amazing, but was quite the test in problem solving skills. (hint; if the recipe calls for room temperature water, do not forget and use cold water instead. I managed to fix it up with warm water later in the process though.)  My mom put together an awesome dinner of stir fry which was delicious and flavorful. We all had a wonderful time today, and are waiting for tomorrow!

Hi. Mary here. While school is on this infuriating hiatus, my family of six (all in one house. For 4 weeks. yeah.) had to find a way to both stay busy and not go insane, so we came up with this CAMPBELL FAMILY NEWSLETTER!!!!! (dun dun dunnnnnn) every day -correction- hopefully every day we will come up with a letter, article or writing of some sort or video or who-knows-what-else. It might have sections like . . “take a walk with Jimmy” or . . . “Simon’s great science project” or “all the ways my siblings annoyed me today”.

Now that we are done with the formal part (yes, that was formal) I can go on with my ranting. I have three siblings Simon (14), (I”M HERE!!! (11)), Lucy (8), and Jimmy (5). Currently My dad is still at work, so he gets to escape most of the madness at home, but my mom has to endure it all and throughout the course of the day she was like: 😒😁😘🤔😠😡😡😉😜🎂🎶 (and yes, we did have cake). We had outside time, and we rode bikes, drew with sidewalk chalk and just played around outside. I personally really enjoyed watching and participating in the first episode of Mo Willems Lunch Doodles a new string of videos that he is live streaming at 1:00 everyday for the next week or two, and you can view them anytime afterwards.

My mom, myself and Lucy went to Target to get new bike helmets, and picked up a few essentials while we were there, like composition notebooks, mechanical pencils, pens, sidewalk chalk, and post-it notes (the most important item in my life). Later the three of us decided to break out the tap shoes and boogie. Though this day sounds nearly perfect, there was plenty of bickering to go around (but not as much as usual). However, the two main offenders, myself and Simon, stayed relatively calm throughout the day, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Mommy and Jimmy started their “home-school” program, with reading, writing and math. They started building their sight word wall. Lucy worked on her multiplication facts, and Jimmy and I started a read-aloud with Roald Dahl’s book Matilda. Simon and I both started research projects, myself researching videographers and Simon researching Led Zeppelin. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!!!