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Mary here. Today I bring you some frustrating/sad/disappointing news. School in all of VA is now out until the end of the year. And all extracurricular activities are canceled too. In the morning we did a really fun science experiment where we had too try to get a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble. I managed to get a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble (4 bubbles). We used straws to blow them out. In order for the straw to penetrate the side of the bubble it had to be wet. After a while Lucy and I explored further, wetting our hands and just seeing what we could do.

We are going to start making home-made hospital masks for the hospitals and doctor offices. Mommy joined a Facebook group called “million masks challenge”. It is a group for local people to make masks for hospitals and doctors offices in VA, MD, and DC. We picked up elastic today to start making them to help. See you next time-Bye! 😊

Our first production; Pigs Make Me Sneeze (based on the book by Mo Willems)

Jimmy and I tried interviewing each other. I learned that Jimmy is constantly touching his face and he cannot act normally while being recorded.

Stop touching your mouth!!!!!

Today we went searching for bluebells, having heard rumors that they bloomed. We went to the spot near us that has millions of bluebells every year to check it out. what we found was somewhat disappointing. Most of the buds have not bloomed yet, but some have. We estimated that the time for prime blooming is 1.5 to 2 weeks.

Mary here! welcome to the first book addition of the Campbell Family Newsletter. In these special posts, I will write a book review for you to read, and possibly read the book (because we all need something to do). And the first book I bring to you is . . . Skyward!!!

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Spensa was Seven when she was branded a cowards daughter. Her father (Callsign Chaser) was a pilot for the Defiant Defence Force (DDF), and she was told that in the battle of Alta, he ran away. He was a coward. Ten years later, Spensa herself is taking the test to enter the DDF, earn back her family pride, and gain her Mother and grandmother a better life than the one they get from Spensa’s rat catching skills. But when she finds out that Admiral Judy “Ironsides” Has rigged the test so that Spensa will fail, Spensa only becomes more determined to pass, and to find out why Admiral Ironsides is determined to weed Chasers daughter out.

This book, Skyward, by Brandon Sanderson, was by far one of the best books I have ever read.  Each of the characters had their own set of skills, and their own individual personality. In this book Brandon Sanderson follows his predictable pattern regarding love interests, though thankfully avoids love triangles. Like he did in Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians, and The Rithmatist, he played the “in the beginning of the story ____ will somehow dislike or disregard ____ but grow to love him/her” card. He makes sure that every character, though they may be eliminated from the main plot, still plays a large role in the storyline.

Sanderson, once again, managed to create a whole new dystopian world, along with its own lifestyle, government, culture, traditions, and even it’s own cuss words. Through a unique set of challenges, Sanderson makes us all watch and suffer as Spensa grew, feeling just as much pain, laughter, sorrow, hatred, and pure murder as Spensa did. He added new entrancing lulls in the storyline, yet never dropped the action for a second. In this book, you will be flying skyward (pun intended) into a world you never even knew existed. Join Spensa, Kimmilain, Hurl, Bim, Jerkface, Cob, and thousands of other characters and readers on this amazing adventure, Skyward.

Hi, it’s Lucy. It turns out that we were really busy yesterday. So we didn’t have time to make rock candy, but we did make it this morning and so far so good. I’ll keep you posted! Bye!

Hi my name is Lucy yesterday we tried to make rock candy it was mommy’s 3rd time and she’s bad at it. it failed. We are going to try again today! We are going to make it in different way! The difference is that yesterday we used two cups of sugar and 1/4 cup of water! But this time we are going to use two cups of sugar and one cup of water. I will tell you how it goes! Bye!

he didn’t notice me taking this . . . SHH!

Mary again! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! And also many merry birthday wishes to my Grandmother ☘. Today was a fun day in the Campbell household, we started out with a prayer podcast, then moved onto breakfast and academics. Jimmy did more Lego math, Jimmy, Lucy, and Mommy did a science experiment, Simon worked further on his Led Zeppelin project, and I did both History and Science assignments.

Isn’t this a beautiful flower?

We went on a bike ride to the woods near us where there is a short family-friendly bike trail. After that Jimmy, Lucy and Mommy went on a walk to deliver Lucy’s notes to her friends’ mailboxes. Lucy, Jimmy, Mommy, and I began Campbell Family Theater with the show of the week: “Pigs Make Me Sneeze!”, based on the Elephant and Piggie book, By Mo Willems. We printed out a script that my mom made years ago for some almost forgotten event. We are all having fun putting together this short show. Watch out for a video of the final production!

Happy Birthday!

 We Skyped with my Grandmother to wish her happy birthday, and had a blast catching up with her and my Grandfather. I made wonderful mochi that tastes amazing, but was quite the test in problem solving skills. (hint; if the recipe calls for room temperature water, do not forget and use cold water instead. I managed to fix it up with warm water later in the process though.)  My mom put together an awesome dinner of stir fry which was delicious and flavorful. We all had a wonderful time today, and are waiting for tomorrow!