Book Review #34 (The Green Glass Sea)

Book: The Green Glass Sea

Author: Ellen Klages

Genre: Historical Fiction

Page Count: 324

Dewey Kerrigan is moving to where her father is working: Los Alamos, New Mexico. Suze Gordon lives with her mother and father in a temporary town in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Her parents are rarely home and her life is anything but normal. But when the two girls meet, the world turned upside down once again.

While the main character of this book was probably Dewey, I felt like it was just as much Suze’s book. It was really interesting to see the two girls sort of grow around one another like a spiral slowly growing closer.

This book was about the Manhattan Project, but it was really about the hidden city and the people who lived there, not the project itself. It was really interesting to learn about what life was like for them, especially from the perspectives of two children.

I really liked this book and you should read it!!!

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