Book Review #30 (The Wednesday Wars)

Book: The Wednesday Wars

Author: Gary D. Schmidt

Genre: Historical Fiction

Page Count: 276

Holling Hoodhood is the only kid in his class who doesn’t go to religious school on Wednesday afternoons. As a result, he is the only kid left in the classroom with his teacher, Ms. Baker, who Hates. His. Guts. On these Wednesday afternoons she makes him read Shakespeare.

This book was very good. I thought that it was very funny, though that was not the main point of the book. I also thought it did a good job of describing the relationships between classmates.

One thing I didn’t like abut this book was that at a few points in the story it felt like it was a little slow, and not much was happening.

This book takes place during the Cold War. We got to see what it was like during that time. An example of this is how stupid the “Atomic Bomb Drills” were. I mean, there’s not much you can do if an atomic bomb drops.

If you like books about strange middle schoolers, you should read this book.

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