Book Review #25 (Beyond the Bright Sea)

Book: Beyond the Bright Sea

Author: Lauren Wolk

Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery

Page Count: 306

The other people on Cuttyhunk were are afraid to touch Crow. They think she came from a neighboring island, Penikese. They think she’s sick. Crow decides that she wants to prove, once and for all, where she came from, but she starts to dive into a mystery much bigger than she imagined.

I didn’t really enjoy this book at first, but as I got into the second half it held my interest more. I think that it was a good book, just a little more slower paced than I’m used to.

Since this is a historical fiction book, I read it for history. It didn’t actually have much historical content, outside of a few facts about Penikese. It was interesting to see what life could be like living away from the mainland.

If you like slow-paced mysteries, you should read this book.

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