Book Review #22 (Crossing Stones)

Book: Crossing Stones

Author: Helen Frost

Genre: Historical Poetry?

Page Count: 208

Muriel lives on a farm with her family, next to her best friends. But when both her brother and her neighbor go off to war, things start to change, and she doesn’t know where her place is in this new world.

I read this book for history. Some parts of it I thought were informative, but many of the dates and how long it took things to happen seemed inaccurate. One thing I did learn about in this book that I didn’t in other WWI books was about women’s suffrage during that time.

This book was written in verse (which means that it is entirely made up of poetry). It read like a story halfway through, and then I read part of the authors note in the back and saw a rhyming thing she did with the form, and I kept getting distracted trying to pick the rhymes out.

The main character is Muriel, but some of the book was from other peoples’ point of view. My favorite of the three of them was Muriel, because she “rocks the boat, not the cradle”.

If you like poetry and History, I think you’ll like this book.

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