Book Review #22 (Crossing Stones)

Book: Crossing Stones

Author: Helen Frost

Genre: Historical Poetry?

Page Count: 208

Muriel lives on a farm with her family, next to her best friends. But when both her brother and her neighbor go off to war, things start to change, and she doesn’t know where her place is in this new world.

I read this book for history. Some parts of it I thought were informative, but many of the dates and how long it took things to happen seemed inaccurate. One thing I did learn about in this book that I didn’t in other WWI books was about women’s suffrage during that time.

This book was written in verse (which means that it is entirely made up of poetry). It read like a story halfway through, and then I read part of the authors note in the back and saw a rhyming thing she did with the form, and I kept getting distracted trying to pick the rhymes out.

The main character is Muriel, but some of the book was from other peoples’ point of view. My favorite of the three of them was Muriel, because she “rocks the boat, not the cradle”.

If you like poetry and History, I think you’ll like this book.

Book Review #21 (Hattie Big Sky)

Book: Hattie Big Sky

Author: Kirby Larson

Genre: Historical Fiction

Page Count: 322

Her entire life, Hattie has been transferred from one relative, to another. So when a long-lost uncle died and left his homesteading claim to her, she is eager to try to strike out on her own. But proving up a claim is harder than she might think, especially during war times.

The thing I liked most about this book was that Hattie was constantly writing and receiving letters from different people. I thought that helped us gain perspective on what these people thought of her homesteading. Another thing I liked was the character Perilee, who has a neighboring farm to Hattie’s. I liked how kind and matter-of-fact she was.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about this book, except perhaps a part of the ending. I really wanted to meet a character Hattie was writing letters to, but we didn’t. 🙁

I read this book for the WW1 section of my history. I thought that it showed how people across the ocean reacted to the war. One thing that I felt was inaccurate was that it skated over the Spanish Flu. It made it seem like it was there for a week, then was gone.

Altogether, you should read this book.

Book Review

A Single Shard, by Linda Sue Park

warning: spoiler alert

Main character: Tree-ear

I would give this book five stars because it was very good and I highly recommend it!

It is about a boy in Korea named Tree-ear. He lives under a bridge in a potters’ village with his friend Crane-man. He likes to watch the best potter in the village, Min, who is also known for his short temper! One day he accidentally breaks a box and a strange adventure unfolds.

Things I like about the book:

-crane-man: because he is very kind

-Min’s wife: because she is very kind

-Tree-ear: because he is energetic and is fun to read about

Things I do not like about the book:

-that crane-man died

-that the pottery broke