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Hello there! I am going to be adding a rating system to all of my book reviews on here. But before I start sticking stars onto the page, I thought I better explain it so that you all aren’t super confused.

I will be using a standard x/5 stars system, but because I like things to be hard, I made it even more complicated. Before I get into any complicated colors, I’m going to go over what the different number of stars mean.

5 stars- one of the BEST. BOOKS. EVER. I will be very hesitant giving this rating. If there is a series that probably deserves it, I would probably only give it to my personal favorite book in it, and all the others would get something like 4.5 or 4. For example. In The Stormlight Archive, I would probably give Edgedancer 5, but the others 4.5.

1 star- you should not read this book. I didn’t like it.

3 stars- this book was good. Maybe I didn’t like it too much, but it wasn’t my favorite genre or style of writing, so other people would probably like it. Or I thought it was ok, but I was a little bored reading it.

And of course there is everything in-between.

Normally the stars would be yellow. If instead of 5 yellow stars there is the red symbol to the right it means: THIS BOOK WAS HORRIBLE NEVER READ IT. If the stars are green it means: This book was (number of stars filled in) for a book written for little kids. Keep in mind that I’m 12 and little kids is a relative term.

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