Book Review #11 (Framed 2&3)

Books: Vanished (Book 2) Trapped (Book 3)

Author: James Ponti

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Page Count: Vanished: 272 Trapped: 400

These are the final two books in the Framed trilogy. I read them right away after our trip to DC. However, both the moms haven’t even started reading them, because apparently their “mom stuff” is much more important. I felt that I enjoyed these books just as much as the first one, a truly remarkable thing to find in sequels.

I think my favorite of the three was Vanished. I really liked the change of setting. My favorite thing about it though, was the addition of new characters. I also noticed that no part of the plot seemed like a repeat of the first book, which I thought would have been difficult to do with this book (and mysteries in general.)

I think that you should read this series if you like mysteries and realistic fiction, or if you don’t!

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