Book Review #9 (Here in the Real World)

Book: Here In The Real World

Author: Sara Pennypacker

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Page Count: 320

Ware was going to be spending the summer with his Grandmother. He was supposed to be free of the day care that wasted the past summers of his life. But when his grandmother fell and hurt herself, he found himself going back to the place he dreaded. Dreading what was to come, he started skipping day care, and helping a girl with a project in an abandoned lot across the street. However, he had no Idea what he was getting himself into.

I really liked this book. I loved some of the ideas in it. I felt they were very inspirational. I also enjoyed the characters, especially Jolene because of her determination. I felt like each of them were unique and none of them were like any characters I have seen in the past. This book didn’t have much humor, but the book was wonderful none the less. If you like Realistic Fiction, friendship-y books, books in general, or none of the above, you should read this book.

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