Book Review #7 (A Game of Fox & Squirrels)

Book: A Game Of Fox & Squirrels

Author: Jenn Reese

Genre: Magical Realism

Page Count: 160

Sam wished things could go back to the way they were before. Before her sister’s arm was in a cast, before people started asking questions, and before she had to move, with her sister, to her aunt’s house. But then, somehow through the game her aunt gave her, a fox in the woods near her aunt’s house offers a way she can go back to how it was before. And Sam plans to take it. But, first she has to complete the challenges the Fox sets her.

My mom got this book from the library because it was on a list of books that were predicted to be a Newberry winner this year. This book is a little strange especially the end, because all the magic, is really a metaphor, but it’s real in the book, but still also a metaphor in the book. But it’s really good, I promise!

Even though it is Fantasy it is more of a feely-feely book than a fighty-action book. My favorite character was Sam’s older sister. I thought this book was very good, and definitely worth reading. YOU should read it. Now. I’m serious go read it.

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