Book Review #5 (Mr. Lemonchello and the Titanium Ticket)

Book: Mr. Lemonchello and the Titanium Ticket (book 4 in the Mr. Lemonchello’s Library series)

Author: Chris Grabensten

Genre: Sci Fi? Fun-Read-That-Can’t-Really-Be-Classified?

This book is the 5th in a series and you should not read it without reading the first 4.

Here’s the review:

This series is one of my favorite series to read for fun, even though it is a little easy. The first book was probably my favorite of the 5, and I would read all of them over again. When this book came out. My mom put a hold on it at the library, WITHOUT TELLING ME!! Then when it came in she was all casual “do you want me to send your Kindle the 5th Lemonchello book” and I was like “WAIT WHAT?!?! Theres a 5th Lemonchello book?” So yeah, I got really excited about this. And I was not let down!

I liked that in this book the story ventured away from the original Ohio kids from the first 4 (especially Kyle), though they were still in it. I Liked that new characters were introduced. I also liked that you got to see a little bit of how Mr. Lemonchello’s games were made. While I was reading it I noticed that some parts of it seemed like a repeat of things that happened in the first book. Overall I think this book is worth a read (as long as you’ve read the first 4!)

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