Jimmy Weekly Picture #52

Just as I did with Lucy, I have to say: Wait what? Week 52? Already? Holy cow, that flew by. You’ve been taking steps for three or four weeks now, but this week have you really begun walking in earnest. We think that you’re going to LOVE the pool this summer (once the water warms up a bit) judging by how you splash water ALL OVER THE BATHROOM when you take a bath, and you’re pointing and looking like you might want to start communicating in ways that aren’t screaming. That’ll be novel. Hopefully you’ll kick your fever that you’ve been running this week in time for your big shindig on Sunday. One more (bonus) picture to go, and then this project is done! Guess I’ll just have to find another baby to take a weekly picture of. . . 😉


Lucy WP - Week 52

Mary PoW - Week 52

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 52.

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