Jimmy Weekly Picture #44

Jimmy, this picture was taken at one of our Sunday family brunches. This was taken at Grammy and Pop-Pop’s house. I’d like to say that you love these occasional get-togethers, but the truth is you are very mommy-centric. If an aunt, uncle, or grandparent tries to give you love and hold you, you scream or fuss at them until they give you back to your mommy.


Lucy WP - Week 44

Mary PoW - Week 44

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 44.

Jimmy Weekly Picture #41

That didn’t take long. We’re back on yet another dose of antibiotics, and this one has managed to give you wicked hives. So yeah, after some drama we took you off of that and the doctor has you on YET ANOTHER one. One more ear infection and it’s an ENT consultation and TUBES for you. So don’t do that, mkay?

Also, we can get you to make this fun fishy face. Not on demand, but frequently enough to get a nice picture of it! This picture was taken a day or so before the hives kicked in. Lucky you!


Lucy WP - Week 41

Mary PoW - Week 41

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 41.

Jimmy Weekly Picture #40

No illness to report this week (although you’re still on antibiotics)! There’s a second tooth making it’s way in, though! Also, it’s March, but it still feels like winter. And we’re pretty well done with winter.


Lucy WP - Week 40

Mary PoW - Week 40

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 40.