Jimmy Weekly Picture #20

We visited Grandma and Grandpa in New York this weekend. You seemed to enjoy it, and your siblings DEFINITELY had a blast. Except when Mary threw up on Lucy in the middle of the night. Nobody enjoyed that much. At any rate, while in New York you switched it up and went from your tummy to your back for the first time. We’ve only seen that once, but I imagine a repeat performance is due any day now!


Lucy WP - Week 20

Mary PoW - Week 20

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 20.

Jimmy Weekly Picture #18

Jimmy, you did it! You’re rolling over, and therefore dangerous. We used to be able to leave you on the bed or couch, or somewhere and you’d be stuck there, turtle-like, on your back. But now you’re dangerous. It’s like a compulsion. We put you on your back and BAM you’re on your tummy.


Lucy WP - Week 18 title=

Mary PoW - Week 18

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 18.