Lucy Weekly Picture #46

While this isn’t the best picture in the world, it captures one of the fabulously ridiculous faces that you love to make. You love to bare your teeth at me as if I was your next meal. Yes, it is somewhat unsettling. You’re not in quite as much of a hurry to move around as your older sister was, at she was just starting to stand at week 46, but that’s likely because you’re doing a fine job terrorizing everybody with just your mad crawling skills. If we put you down, we’d better make sure the gates are closed, choking hazards are up, and bathroom doors (you LOVE bathrooms) are also closed.


Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 46.

Lucy Weekly Picture #45

Lucy, I’ve taken far too many pictures of you indoors this year. And since the weather is nice and cool, it’s time to get outside for a few shots! I finally got you in the pretty dress that Mommy put on you for church. I’ve gotten quite a few complaints that I always take the picture after you’ve ruined the dress and are wandering (crawling) around in your Sunday onesie.


Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 45.

Lucy Weekly Picture #44

Lucy, a funny thing happened this year. Your Daddy got to root for a team that actually looks like it may be good. As of this writing, the Nats are tied 1-1 in the National League Division Series with the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals. Win or lose, it’s been really fun to see a team as dreadful as the Nats have been turn into the team with the best regular-season record in 2012. Clearly, you’re not enjoying it as much as I am, but in fairness, you’re sick and need the sleep.

Watching the Nats with Daddy

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 44.

Lucy Weekly Picture #42

I don’t think that your mother has been in a single weekly picture yet. That’s just wrong. There were so many good ones to choose from this week (it took everything I had not to pick this one). But your mommy makes so many sacrifices for you (not to mention your siblings and father), that she certainly deserves to be in one of your weekly pictures.

My Girls

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 42.