Lucy Weekly Picture #34

Lucy, week 34 was taken the day after we got back from the beach from the Campbell family vacation. You’re crawling like a champ, and there’s really no stopping you at this point. You’ve got less than a week at home, and then it’s off to NY for a week of fun with Grandma and Grandpa. Your mother is taking you and your siblings up there alone, leaving me and the dog to fend for ourselves while you all are gone. But that means your mother is reponsible for weekly picture #34! And since I’m posting this late (as per usual), I know there is yet another milestone coming up in Week 35.

And I just have to comment on how the best shot of you was BEFORE I moved the baby tent out of the background. Typical!

There's a Laugh!

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 34.

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