Lucy Weekly Picture #14

Lucy, you are sitting in my lap as I type this, which makes it darn hard! This past weekend were the first really nice days of spring, and I tried to get outside and get you in some nice natural lighting. Which is frequently good lighting. But when natural lighting is super sunny, it is less good, and all the pictures I took were terrible. But it’s too late now, so I picked the best of the batch and processed the heck out of it. So yeah, weekly picture fail. Enjoy!

PS. Right now you are SLOBBERING all over your hand. It’s kind of gross.

A Little Tummy Time

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 14.

1 thought on “Lucy Weekly Picture #14

  1. She is starting to become a chubby baby 🙂 Still has that serious brow, love it!!

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