Lucy Weekly Picture #12

Lucy, you’re currently in the midst of what we thought is your first cold. And boy is it a doozy. Last night was the second night we couldn’t put you on your back for fear of you gagging on your own secretions, and took turns sleeping with you in the rocking chair. You have created enough secretions to sink a small battle cruiser. And with good reason. The doctor called us today to tell us that the RSV test came back positive. So you’ve got a nasty little bug. But you’re doing so much better today, and now we just have to watch your cough. But as miserable as you’re feeling, I take such pride at the beautiful smile that I can coax out of you with a few goofy sounds and faces.

Poor Sick Baby

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 12.

Overheard in my House

I got this secondhand from Kate, so this might not be exactly how it went down. But it’s pretty close. Simon is very interested in Star Wars, and was quizzing Kate about all the good guys and bad guys.

Simon: What about the vampires?
Kate: What vampires?
Simon: The vampire bad-guys in Star Wars.
Kate: There are no vampires in stare wars. What made you think that?
Simon: There’s a Star Wars movie called the Vampire Strikes, right.

Lucy Weekly Picture #11

Lucy was baptised this past week. Thus the prominence of the deacon and the de-emphasis on Lucy. I wasn’t thrilled with the pictures I took of her in her baptism gown. She was frowny, nursing, or just generally cranky leading up to the baptism. I have my friend Tim to thank for this shot. I handed the camera off to him at the beginning of the baptism and he graciously obliged by snapping pictures throughout. So while it might not feature Lucy as prominently as I’d like for this project, it is an outstanding baptism shot. Well done, Tim.

New Little Christian

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 11.

Lucy Weekly Picture #10

I went back to the basics for this week’s picture: natural light. I’ve come to rely on my external flash, and I wanted to see what I could do with just the natural light in our house. What I forgot is that the natural light in our house STINKS. The weather needs to warm up so I can get Lucy outside on the weekends for some of these shots! Darned winter birthdays!


Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 10.

Lucy Weekly Picture #9

This weekend was the Super Bowl, and darned if the Giants didn’t win the thing again. I have to be a little happy, because my father-in-law is on cloud nine, and we like him, so we want him to be happy. This is in no way related to picture of the week, but if you want to see a bonus picture, I might have one that is giants-related.

Fascinated by the Bird

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 8.