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Kate’s parents came down to help out for a couple of weeks, and we SO appreciate their assistance. Her mom is actually going to be here until the 7th. A few days ago, she requested that she be in picture of the week, and really, how can I NOT put her there after all the assistance they’ve provided! So major props to my in-laws, my parents, and all the other family and friends who have lent a hand in various ways (hospital visits, entertaining kids, meals, laundry, cleaning – the list goes on and on) over the past three weeks. We really appreciate all the help and caring that everybody has provided!

Lucy’s hair looks a bit red in this picture, but I think that has more to do with the white balance of the photo than any actual real read hair.

Grandma and Lucy

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 4.

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    Congrats you to. She’s beautiful what an awesome addition to th family. Hope to meet her soon. Grammy, you look great too!!
    Love to all

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