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Those two bottom teeth have been around for a while now, but are just starting to show up well in the pictures.


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  • Ken
    11:42 AM

    Soon, very soon, I’ll be doing this too. I’ll become one of those people that I wondered about “damn, do they ever think about anything else.”

    Having a puppy or baby is reason to record their every move, their every look, and their every antic. It was dawning on me that Kiyomi will only be a puppy once and she’ll grow very fast, so I might want to take more pictures than I originally planned. She’s just so cute too… Shelties have become my favorite breed of dog followed by Collies, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors.

    So either I’ll be doing a pic-of-the-week, pic-of-the-day or spinning off a new blog soon. I can understand now, my eyes are opened. 🙂

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