Winding Down and Starting Up – A New Project

With Mary’s weekly picture project winding down (only 3 more to go – unreal!), I have been trying to decide on a new photography project. I considered a 365-day self-portrait project, but decided that I am not nearly that committed. I’m also pretty sure nobody wants to look at 365 pictures of my ugly mug. Also, a picture a WEEK is challenging enough, so I’m going to stick with that. And for all you Mary and Simon fans, I’ll still post the occasional picture of the kids – you’re not getting off that easily.

As far as a subject for this new project, I want to branch out a bit. This winter, we signed up to participate in Great Country Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. For those of you unfamiliar with CSAs, we pay a fee to have fresh produce delivered weekly during the harvest season. On a weekly basis from now until October(ish), we get an assortment of produce from the farm. Our allotment includes whatever happens to be in season. For example, this week we’re going to be getting asparagus, spring onions, kale and strawberries.

In order to make things even more interesting, Kate and I are going to collaborate on this project. So for our CSA Photo Project (still trying to think of a clever name), Kate will be in charge of coming up with yummy ways to use the produce we use every week. I’ll be in charge of taking a picture of our weekly delivery, and possibly some shots of the things she makes (inspired a bit by the wonderful work from the folks at Smitten Kitchen). We hope to post at least one photo of what we’ve received, and one recipe of what we (er. . . Kate) made with it. Additional responsibilities for Kate include: reminding me to take pictures, reminding me to process the pictures, and reminding me to post to the blog. Additional responsibilities for me include: procrastinating on all of the above. I’m sure this will be a wonderful exercise in marital communication skills.

I am actually really excited about this project, and hope it will be a lot of fun. Look for the first post sometime tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Winding Down and Starting Up – A New Project

  1. Do they deliver the produce to your house, or do you have to pick it up from a central location?

    Sounds yummy and good for farmers/consumers all at the same time. Is it expensive?

  2. They have delivery options or pick-up options. We actually pick up our share at Cox’s farm right by you.

    As for expense, I’m withholding judgement on how expensive it really is until we get further along to see how much and what kind of produce is coming.

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