4 thoughts on “Mary PoW # 13

  1. I can’t wait to meet you Mary! Only a week and we’ll be cudding up on a couch together with that dinosaur I’ve been hearing about!

  2. i love her expressions…how do you get such good pics of her? any tips are welcome!

  3. Jackie,
    a. they get easier to photograph as they get older.
    b. I spent a fair amount of money on a nice camera that gives me lots of options and flexibility as far as shooting is concerned.
    c. Lou Ann kindly lent me a couple of lenses to use with said camera that make a big difference.
    d. To capture expressions I take LOTS of shots and usually a third of them come out decently. From those I pick one or two to post. I only post “the best”, as determined by myself and Kate.

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