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iPod NanoWow. Mary has totally taken this blog hostage. Who’s sick of seeing pictures of Mary? Anybody? Don’t be shy. Ellen made the observation to me yesterday that she felt like her blog needed less words and more pictures. She then proceeded to tell me that mine was seriously lacking in the thoughtful discourse that had made her a dedicated reader in the first place. I might be paraphrasing that slightly. And embellishing. Whatever. So in the spirit of “thoughtful discourse,” I bring you another installment of “Songs from my iPod.”

Let’s see what embarrassing treasures this installment will yield.

Song Artist Purchase
Nookie Limp Bizkit (yeah, I know. . .) Limp Bizkit - Significant Other - Nookie
Abraham Eddie from Ohio Eddie from Ohio - Quick - Abraham
Honky Cat Elton John Elton John - The Greatest Hits 1977-2002 - Honky Cat
I Want to Hold Your Hand T.V. Carpio (from the Across the Universe Soundtrack) T.V. Carpio - Across the Universe (Soundtrack) - I Want to Hold Your Hand
So Help Me God dc Talk dc Talk - Jesus Freak - So Help Me God

3 thoughts on “Songs from my iPod

  1. Ok, I get to chuckle a little bit about that “Nookie”, only because I didn’t get caught out too badly.

    Your post is prettier, though. How do you find those links to purchase from iTunes?

  2. I will never tire of viewing weekly pics of the kidos. Although, as an avid Elton fan I do appreciate your revealing that you have a special place on your ipod for Captain Fantastic. (I know that’s a different album…)

  3. @Nod – right click on any song in the iTunes store and select “Copy iTunes Store URL”. Paste into your link. Voila!

    @Peter’s Mom – Elton John is classic! Can’t have an iPod without him. 🙂

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