Mary Pictures

Due to popular demand, here are the first four pictures of Mary and our family. I would be posting more, but I’m having issues with the Flickr uploader and am needed back at the hospital. More to come!

The New Arrival
Proud Big Brother!
Proud Mama
Proud Papa

5 thoughts on “Mary Pictures

  1. Great family photos, especially the one of the Campbell kids. Simon’s smiling with pride!

  2. Dear Pat, Kate and Simon,
    Your little girl is SO LOVELY!!!! Congrats to all of you… Pat, that picture with you is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s got the sweetest little smile on her face…what a treasure. 🙂
    Love, Amy and Claire

  3. Too cute!!! Congrats again! Can’t wait to meet Mary in person!

  4. Congrats! Mary is beautiful and happy to hear that both mom and baby are well.

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