This is an Expensive Hobby

The New ToyThe more time I spent on flickr this past year, the more I started craving a DSLR. I was further inspired by pictures taken by friends like Lou Ann (check out this hummingbird) and Shannon (take a gander at these statues). Finally, Lou Ann provided the straw that broke the camel’s back by lending me her Canon Digital Rebel, and possibly more importantly, a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.

So last Tuesday I went out and spent the money from the government that we didn’t yet have, picking up a Canon Rebel 450D from Penn Camera in Fair Lakes. It is a beautiful camera, and I’m super excited. Hopefully it will allow me to capture some small portion of the cute-overload that is the TID (Toddler+Infant+Dog) our household is about to become.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, but took some shots this weekend. And then I discovered that my existing software won’t read the RAW files from the 450D. So I have a bit of work to do to get the correct software installed and refine my work flow for processing photos (I had a good system with the Rebel). Once I do you bet I’ll be posting pictures here (and on flickr).

4 thoughts on “This is an Expensive Hobby

  1. Yeah, buddy! Let’s feed the addiction! *Click* *Click* I can stop anytime … *Click*

  2. Speaking of clicks: Points to ponder as a commenter … there’s no link from the comment popup page back to the main blog. Clicking in the upper left hand corner links to THIS page.

    I can “Close this window”, I can get an “RSS feed for comments on this post”, or I can navigate to “WordPress”. Yes, I can work a browser just fine, but sometimes you just want to *click*. I have an irrational desire (OCD?) to re-visit the page I just commented on, and watch the comment count increment. Weird, I know.

  3. Er. . .I’m confused. Can’t you just close the popup window? I suppose then you’d have to refresh the page then to see your comment. Yet another reason why pop-up windows are generally frowned upon, I suppose. I’m thinking of doing away with that popup window entirely and just taking people to the post page with a bookmark down to the comments section (although then “permalink” and “comment” are basically the same). Hrrrmm…

    Maybe I’ll learn AJAX and do it all directly from the post. I may not even need to go that far. I wonder if I can do it with JQuery. 😉

  4. When I use Firefox (with NoScript) I don’t actually get a pop-up, it goes directly to the comments page in the main window. It doesn’t spawn a new tab either (not that I want it to).

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