Overheard in My House – Coveting

God said something to the extent of “thall shalt not covet”, right? Drat. Too late.

me: Laura let me play with her iPhone this morning.
me: now I covet. dammit.
Kate: think of the monthly charges!
me: I know.
me: forget the monthly charges, think of the up-front charges. doesn’t stop me from coveting.

Laura did let me play with her brand-spanking new iPhone this morning, and boy is it nice. If I had several hundred dollars to burn and nothing better to do with it (like feed my family), I’d totally pick one up. Kate is right, though. It’s the monthly service fees that are killer. Starting at $60/mo. That’s like twice what I pay now. Kate and I share a cell phone. That means my fictitious iPhone would spend all day in the diaper bag and/or Kate’s purse. Doesn’t that defeat the point? Kate probably wouldn’t mind, though.

Still, from my 15 minute trial run, I have to say it is certainly the sexiest cell phone I’ve ever laid hands on. Apple knows user interface design. Damn.

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  1. For posterity, I would like to point out that it is a 4GB refurb that was $200. I love me some iPhone, but full price was too much to hack.

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