Mommy Fun vs. Daddy Fun

Self portraitI love going home from work. It’s not because I’m relieved to be away from work, but rather, I get greeted at the door by a dog whose tail is wagging vigorously and a toddler with a big huge grin on his face. To top it off, Kate is usually cooking up something yummy for dinner. I know, I know. It may sound a little like a Cleaver family paradise, but I’m definitely not going to complain. Because really, who has it better than me?

Anyway, the time between when I get home and when Simon goes to bed is often special Daddy-Simon time. He and I play and roughhouse, generally having a good time in the process. Kate has often made comments to the extent of “you guys have so much fun together.” Earlier this week I pointed out that she and Simon have plenty of fun together, too. She agreed, but thinks that it’s a different kind of fun.

I definitely get the pleasure of getting Simon riled up and laughing like a fool. I love being goofy with him: making faces, tickling, playing chase, and roughhousing. And he eats it up. Kate gets more of the quiet moments: story reading (non-bedtime), art projects, long walks with Simon and the dog, etc. When he is upset or hurt, she is definitely the one he wants, not me.

I’m totally okay with this dynamic. I enjoy the quiet moments too, but not as much as the raucous gut-busting laughter that I can induce on occasion. That’s one of the things I’ll want to remember most from being a dad.

For you parents out there, do you seem to have distinct mommy/daddy types of fun as well?

2 thoughts on “Mommy Fun vs. Daddy Fun

  1. Yep, there are very distinct mommy/daddy roles in my house. She’s the Comfort Lady (aka Homebase). I’m Sideshow Dad. Sounds pretty much identical to how you describe it. 🙂

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