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Campbell Baby #2's Sonogram PictureKate had her 20-week sonogram yesterday. I’m not even going to make you play the guessing game this time. Baby Campbell number two is a GIRL.

This means that I’ll have my very own little girl to dote on, and can stop vicariously doting on other people’s kids. Kate is concerned that I’ll let a little girl walk all over me. That is definitely not the case. I won’t give her every little thing she asks for. Unless she asks REALLY nicely. Then I’ll have to. I mean, seriously. How can you say “no” when your daughter asks you REALLY NICELY for something? Heck, I have a hard time saying no to Simon when he asks really nicely, and he’s a boy. Simon, if you read this in the future, rest assured that this is all in jest and I love you just as much as your baby sister.

For those who are sure to ask, no we do not have a name picked out. When we do we’re not telling. We have to keep some level of suspense.

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  • jackie
    2:12 PM

    well, it seems simon gets his wish after all (you did say he wanted a girl, didn’t you?)…

    jon has actually put a “ban” on us having girls…he’s the one who’s convinced that he will be utterly powerless against daughters…i think it’s kinda true, but still…of course, he reminds of this all the time, but’s it his genes that decide what we get…i take no blame…

  • Nod
    1:21 PM

    Yay! Congratulations Pat (and Kate)!! Of course the girls will try to wrap you around their little fingers, but that’s because their fingers stay little for so long. After that, it gets expensive …

    I love to play the baby name game: my vote is for Kathy Apostolic. 😉
    That way, if you could just get a “Juan Julio” you’d really have something going — put all those “John Paul” copycats to shame. More Catholic Than You, yeah! Hm, maybe that’s why naming your kids after the Creed never caught on … oh well.

    Vote for Bad Baby Names … mod me up! 😉

  • Tim
    3:19 PM

    Not that it’s any news, but I’ll confirm for you that it’s pretty much impossible to say no when they ask “REALLY NICELY”. We don’t even look for a more legitimate excuse anymore. In our house, it’s pretty much considered sufficient reason for almost anything.

    And don’t think they don’t know what they’re doing, either! The two-year-old is already petting her old dad: “Dad, you’re cute.” What’ll it be like when she’s 15?

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