Songs from My iPod

iPod NanoAt Kate’s request, this is another installment of “Songs from My iPod”. I think she is hoping that something more embarrassing is revealed than what you got in the first installment. Although really, does it get any worse than Donny Osmond? I think I’ve probably hit the bottom of the barrel as far as embarrassing music goes.

Song Artist Purchase
Africa Toto Toto - The Essential Toto - Africa
Right Now Van Halen Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - Right Now
Get Out The Map Indigo Girls Indigo Girls - Shaming of the Sun - Get Out The Map
My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin - My Happy Ending
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day Green Day - International Superhits! - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

New Kicks

I play indoor soccer in a vain attempt to get a bit of exercise every week. It’s a good time, but ever since the Sportsplex installed new turf, my old Sambas just haven’t been cutting it. The new kicks have little nubs on the bottom, which will theoretically let them grip the new turf (fake grass on a bed of ground up tires) much better than my old sambas did. I’ll be upset if I don’t go out there and tear it up tonight.

My excitement about trying these out might just offset the 10PM start time. Ugh. Think the new shoes will compensate for my lack of fitness? Definitely. No doubt about it. It’s gotta be the shoes, right?

Bill Gates: “creative capitalism. . .”

Say what you like about Microsoft and their products, but it seems that their founder is a genuinely good-hearted human being. I know it is (seemingly) easier to give money when you’ve got lots of it available, but I feel like Bill and his wife Melinda really go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their philanthropy. It appears that they really want to work to get at the root of some of the societal problems that are the cause of much of the poverty in the world.

With his concept of “creative capitalism”, Gates encourages business leaders to creatively use market incentives to bring the benefits of scientific, medical, and technological advances to those who need it most: the poor. I have no idea how the business/economics of that will work, and how it will be profitable for businesses (the driving force behind capitalism, right?), but I certainly admire the sentiment.

No Longer Contained

In JailSimon is officially in his new room. We converted the guest room to Simon’s new room by setting the mattress of the guest bed on the ground (the box spring and frame have been relegated to the basement), shifting stuff around a bit, and adding these nifty bins from Target for toy storage. The transition from his crib to his new “big boy bed” has actually gone pretty well. And in the mornings, you’d think that he was still confined, as he’d stay in bed and cry until one of us went and got him.

I’ve heard that many kids will stay confined to their beds for a long time as if it were surrounded by an invisible fence. Some kids do this for years, apparently. Not so with Simon. Yesterday we had the pleasure of being awakened by a little boy silently appearing beside Kate’s head. This morning it was worse. 4:30AM and the boy wanders out and wants to crawl into bed with us. Oy. I have a real hard time sleeping with toddler feet in my back, so I ended up in HIS bed while he got to share ours with Kate.

We’re going to have to start setting some limits here, and fast.

This Blog is so Self Centered

I swear that I’ll stop talking about the redesign eventually. But not with this post. I had a whole list of items that I need to fix, so what do I do with my time? Make three totally unnecessary changes:

  • New logo/masthead. The picture was taken by me (or Kate, I can never remember who takes what) on a trip up to her parents. It is of the Long Island Sound. The part used in the masthead was cropped from this picture.
  • Added a reflection effect to the navigation tabs up top. I feel like it gives them a little bit more depth. Too much?
  • Added links for comments and the permanent link to the Link Posts on the right, mostly because I want all you libs to comment on how awesome Barrack Obama is. Incidentally, I don’t discriminate against liberals or conservatives. I find both sides equally frustrating and entertaining. Begin throwing your “Don’t Pretend Not To Be Conservative” tomatoes now.

Added to the previous list of items I need to work on, I would like to replace the muted blue-grey background that sits behind the content to something more attractive or textured. I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish that yet, but it’s something I need to do.