Fun in the Snow

A Winter WonderlandI went to take the trash out this evening, and the “1-2” inches of snow that the forecasters had predicted was at least 2-3 inches high, and coming down harder than it had all day. It was dark out, and very nearly past his bedtime, but I decided I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take Simon out for some fun in the snow.

We tromped around for 10 or 15 minutes, just walking and making snowballs. Well, I would make snowballs, then he would have fun throwing them and watching them break. Once I got Simon to the point where he was plenty cold (yet still a couple stages away from frostbite), we gave up for the evening. We were greeted by Kate with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate for Simon and a couple of doughnut holes as his dessert.

As mundane as it sounds, this will be one of my lasting memories from Simon’s childhood. At least, I think it will. You never do know what will stick in this noggin of mine. Here’s hoping I manage to hold onto this one.

Hot Chocolate

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