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iPod NanoIn a medium of self-indulgence, this post takes the cake. I got this idea from someone on the radio who did this. They put their iPod on shuffle, and just listed the first 5 songs that popped up. The theory here is that random songs from your iPod (or similar MP3 player – I don’t want to be a total Apple shill) say something about who you are. I’m convinced that all it does is expose the “dirty little secret” songs that everybody has in their library. You know the one. Or two. Or twenty. Kate will attest to the fact that there are several of these with which she is occasionally tortured.

So at the risk of totally alienating my readership (all 2 of you), the “Songs from My iPod” might become a recurring feature, you know, the type that I fall back on when totally uninspired to blog. The key to this exercise, of course, is complete and total honesty when listing the songs your iPod chooses for you. The shuffle feature is a cruel mistress, as I found out in my first draw. I admit that I was tempted to fiddle with the results, as one of my DLS songs appears in the list below. But I am committed to this course of action. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t admit to my love of. . . well, check it out (items marked with an asterisk were not available on iTunes):

Song Artist Purchase
Donkey Riding Great Big Sea Great Big Sea - Road Rage - Donkey Riding
Balad of San Francisco Caedmon’s Call Caedmon's Call - Long Line of Leavers - Ballad of San Francisco
Soldier of Love Donny Osmond *
In My Life The Beatles *
Don’t Ask Me OK Go Ok Go - Ok Go - Don't Ask Me

Kate has pointed out that I have many songs on my iPod that I should be ashamed of, but I have forbidden her from outing my love of. . . well, you’re just going to have to wait for the next entry in “Songs from My iPod.”

8 thoughts on “Songs from My iPod

  1. I had several replies ready for this post, but have been told by Pat that I am not allowed to actually post any of them. I feel censored. Don’t I have rights, too?

    And what happened to falling back on “A Father’s Legacy” when lacking for blog topics – did that ever happen??

  2. As I was sitting here listening to my IPOD on shuffle when I read this, I feel the need to contribute one of my meager comments to your blog, so here goes nothing…

    Because of You – Kelly Clarkson
    Gamemaster – Lost Tribe (Oakenfold)
    Dead in the Water – David Gray
    River Lady – Roger Whittaker
    Ice Cream – Sarah McLachlan

    Oh cruel fate, I am revealed. 🙂

  3. First 5 on Random:
    Sarah McLachlan, Remixed – Fear (Hybrid’s Super Collider mix)
    Heart, Heart – These Dreams
    They Might Be Giants, Flood – Birdhouse in Your Soul
    Timbaland, Timbaland presents Shock Value – The Way I Are
    Marillion, Misplaced Childhood – “Pseudo Silk Kimono”

  4. Let me start by apologizing for the “comment spam”, but I’m trying to contact multiple friends (including you) and I don’t have your most recent email address.

    As you might have realized, my “old” webserver ( died a hard death. The datacenter it was housed in (Sterling, VA) had issues a few months ago. Last Friday, the server died a hard death without any recent or complete backups. I was pissed, since I lost over 300MB of pictures, blogs, and data. Nearly 3 years of hard work is gone!

    I’ve since switched webhosting companies. I now have the premium plan with Bluehost, providing me Linux/Apache/Tomcat/SSH/MySQL/PostgreSQL/SMTP/FTP/HTTP/300GB HD/3Gbps in a 2-year contract. I’ve already written a cron job to back it up weekly to my SunBlade at home, which I will in-turn backup to DVD.

    Here’s my new webserver and contact information:
    Lathe of Dreams (

    Again, sorry for “comment spam”. I’ll add you to my website under “Friends Link” this week. If you could please update your bookmarks and website links to my site, I’d appreciate it.

    – Ken

  5. Ken, sorry to hear about the death of your webhosting.

    Pat, when did you get an iPod?

  6. One Thing (Finger Eleven)
    The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
    Under the Boardwalk (The Drifters)
    When You Dream (Barenaked Ladies)
    I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

    Phew! That could have been so much worse…but you’ll never know…

    Jon’s sister has a confidentiality policy associated with her ipod–sort of a “whatever is heard here stays here” thing. Clearly not about having her musical tastes revealed to the public.

  7. Okay – I’m a little late on the uptake. Here’s my first five:

    – Over the Rainbow (Doris Day)
    – Rock of Ages (Glad)
    – I’ve been working on the Railroad (The Bourbon Street Stompers)
    – Corrido a Pancho Villa (Hermanos Zaizar)
    – A Dream is a wish your Heart Makes (Linda Ronstadt)


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