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I designed this business card for an electrician friend of mine. He picked this from several options. The nice thing about this card is that it ties in with the Web site – which is not available for public viewing just yet. The design is finished, but the content needs to be written and plugged in. Once it has been, it ties in nicely with this card. I made sure that I ordered cards that were white on the back and had a coating that could be written on with a ballpoint pen, as business cards are often a de facto note pad at conferences meetings, etc. This is the card that he picked (and I liked best too, due to the tie-in with his Web site):

Collins Electric Business Card
And this is the one that was (in my mind, anyway) a very close second:

Collins Electric Business Card (Runner Up)
When the site is finished I’ll post about it here.

3 thoughts on “More Print Design

  1. As a person who has worked in publishing and design for over 25 years, if you conceptualized, designed and executed this guy’s business card, then I say you are in the wrong business. (OR at least you should be a working freelancer on the side). This looks extremely professional and snappy!

    Good Work!
    Peter Across the Street’s Mom

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