World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial FountainsWe’ve talked about taking my grandfather (87-ish) to see the World War II Memorial in DC for a couple of years now. This past weekend, we finally got our acts together and did it. I know that lots of people have mixed feelings about the memorial, but the more I visit it, the more I like it. While perhaps not as iconic as some of the other tributes to people and events in DC, I think it is a beautiful and fitting way to honor those who fought and died in the second world war.

Regardless, the weather couldn’t have been nicer, and we all enjoyed an hour or so outside kicking around the monument. Simon’s frustration at not being allowed to play in the fountains and pools put a bit of a damper on his enjoyment of the trip, but I think he had fun regardless. “You had fun! You just don’t REALIZE that you had fun!”. Think that will fly?

Anyway, we got a couple of nice shots which are now posted in a set on Flickr. I like the generational shot here. That’s 4 generations of Campbells!

4 Generations at the WWII Memorial

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