I don’t even know what to say about this.

Photo from ParentdishI browse through a number of blogs, one of which is Parentdish. They are one of many blogs that are a part of Weblogs, Inc., which is owned by AOL. Today I stumbled upon an article regarding the questionable safety of plastic toys. I’m sure that what I should really be concerned about is the danger that these toys post to my son and to other kids (but somehow, I’m really not). Instead, what I AM concerned about is how the blog TOTALLY STOLE ONE OF OUR PHOTOS RIGHT OFF OF FLICKR! I give you Exhibit A. Exhibit B, to the right, is the picture that I “stole” from Parentdish. Which I don’t feel at all bad about because basically I’m just TAKING IT BACK.

Re-reading that first paragraph, it sounds way more outraged than I actually feel. I’m actually a little bit flattered that some graphic artist grunt felt that a picture taken by Kate (I think) deserved to be featured on this post. I can’t be too upset, because I have definitely lifted photos and pictures off the Web before. Usually interest images like Transformers, or the VT logo, or any number of different things. However, if I take a photo, I generally try to give the original photographer some credit, if I know who that photographer is. The big difference here as that Music-Slave.com is not run for profit. Parentdish is. Somebody needs to sit down with their staff and explain what the “All Rights Reserved” marking on Flickr means.

I absolutely would not have minded giving Parentdish permission to use this photo. However, it would have been nice to have been asked. It would have been even nicer to see some credit given. You know, like they give to organizations with clout.

So, gentle reader, here is your opportunity to tell me I’m off my rocker. Am I overreacting? Am I a hypocritical moron who should just let it go? Or am I justified in my semi-outrage? Leave a comment and I’ll take your feedback into account as I draft my lawsui. . . er. . .write my email to Weblogs, Inc.

UPDATE: Weblogs Inc./AOL was extremely responsive. The photo now has appropriate credit given, and the image is linked to the original Flickr photo page. I also received a very nice email from Kristin, the author of the original post, explaining the mix-up and offering her sincere apologies. Thanks to all the folks at Weblogs Inc./AOL for their professionalism and quick response.

7 thoughts on “I don’t even know what to say about this.

  1. No, you are TOTALLY not overreacting. I do believe that I have an emotional investment in that photo, don’t I???

  2. semi-outrage sounds just about right. They should cut you in on a fraction of their profits for the day!

  3. At the absolute minimum, they should give credit and link to your flickr pic, or something!! They deserve a strongly worded e-mail at least!! Go get ’em, Pat.

  4. Wow! Nothing like a little plagiarism as a form of flattery! You definitely are not overreacting.

    I suggest a nicely worded and yet pointed email/letter. You are definitely right – somebody surely needs to sit down with their research staff and lecture them on what the big P word means.

  5. Wow, that’s cool that of all the photos they had legal rights to, they illegally lifted your photo. I wish I was a fly on the wall to know how they found that photo.

    Glad to hear it was resolved to your satisfaction.

  6. It is possible. But I did my research to make sure that was not the case. The photo they posted was a cropped version of ours. The orientation of the toy, background (see the crocheted blanket in the background), and lighting are all identical. It’s definitely ours. 🙂

  7. Not to be contrary, but . . . while it is a cool picture isn’t it a common toy? Isn’t it possible that there is another creative mind out there that took the same picture? Do you know for sure that it was taken from Flicker? I rarely read the blog and know that I am out of my generational expertise on this, so you probably need to set me straight.
    Mom (who can’t even remember the name you signed me up for to go by when I write a comment)

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