Baby Pictures of a Different Kind

We rearranged some furniture in our house, and Kate is redecorating our family room. As part of her redecorating efforts, we are creating a wall of old family pictures, reminiscent of those in our parents homes. Over the years we have raided the photo stashes of our parents and grandparents. I picked up a lot of photos when my grandfather passed away in 2004. It was a very therapeutic process, and I found and scanned a few pictures of him and my grandmother from back in the day.

I spent the evening printing photos for the wall and putting all the old photos we currently have in a set on flickr.

One of the neat things about my parents photo wall that we liked was the pictures of them as kids, so we tried to find baby pictures of me and Kate when we were approximately the same age (she’s 18 months, I’m 2 years). So. Who do YOU think Simon looks like?


3 thoughts on “Baby Pictures of a Different Kind

  1. I think Simon is a perfect blend of the two of you!! I will say, however, that he looks more like you (Pat) NOW than you as a 2-year old… 🙂

  2. i love seeing old pics of people!! we actually have a frame where we have little kid pics of jon and i…maybe one day when we live somewhere for more than a year or 2 we’ll have a picture wall…i thought i could make a family tree out of pics, but that might be a bit too ambitious (i don’t know that we’ll have a wall big enough!)…

    good luck with the redecorating!

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