Moving at the Speed of Light

Simon is at that age where the developmental changes are coming fast and furiously. Every day it seems that some other little connection in his brain is being made and he’s putting together something that he hasn’t previously known how to do or say.

When I came home from work yesterday, Kate was very eager for him to show off his latest word – potato. He says ‘tato. It’s very cute. Quite possibly the cutest word that any baby anywhere has ever uttered. I am in no way exaggerating, it really is THAT CUTE. Tomorrow I’ll have to break out the camera and see if I can get it on video to share the cuteness with the Internet so you can all see how completely unbiased I am. Seriously.

The other piece of Simon cuteness this week was at bath time yesterday. He had made it clear to me earlier in the evening that he was very, very excited about his bath.

“Dath, dath,” he says.”Yes, that is a bath,” I reply “but right now it’s time to eat dinner. Come downstairs with me and we’ll eat and THEN you can have your bath.” (I pick him up to take him downstairs).


This protesting didn’t last to long and dinner was delicious, but relatively uneventful. After dinner, Kate took Simon back upstairs and began to run his bath. I hear a cry of protest and then a shout – “Pat, come look at what your son has done.” I entered to find this scene:

Really Likes His Baths
Not your typical bath time blackmail photo, huh? But there’s no doubt we’ll be showing this one to some girlfriend in the future.

1 thought on “Moving at the Speed of Light

  1. that’ll teach you to keep the kid waiting… 🙂

    that is absolutely hilarious! i don’t know if my favorite part is your son sitting in bath water fully clothed, or the fact that he immediately became “your son” when he did it…

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