Splish, Splash

I know that Kate posts her weekly Simon photo on Fridays, but I couldn’t resist putting this one up. I took several last night while he was taking his bath, and this one came out well.

Splish, Splash, B&W

5 thoughts on “Splish, Splash

  1. Excellent photo is right!! You must enter this in a contest somewhere!!

  2. I’m not sure – I am always stumbling on photo contests. Try googling something like “baby photo contest” or something … or go to Borders and look in photography magazines for ads for contests ……..

  3. lou ann’s right. Dude, u could have like an Anne Gedes Baby, so if he goes public in one of those books, u gotta let me in on your million dollar fortune, u have no idea how much that lady must pay these babies for looking cute.

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